The Temple of Healing Wisdoms Course Outline

Our Vision

Gathering teachers and leaders to share their gifts and knowledge supporting the journey towards healing for all future generations.

In integrity, our teachers will work with the energy of the Divine Feminine, in the aspects of the Goddess Bridgit and other aspects of the Great Mother.

They have walked their own path across many lifetimes and modalities of empowering and healing and will continue to do so through the offerings of the Temple of Healing Wisdoms.

We respect and honour each others journey sharing peace and joy whilst keeping our hearts and minds open. We embrace this learning journey together sharing our wisdom and experiences.

Cycles and Courses

2.5 years in total - exact dates to be advised

9 months per year, one weekend per month (Saturday and Sunday) beginning from February, 2022 to November, 2022. Exact dates to be advised.

Venues: Face to Face. Online. Our created Temple located in Newcastle. Outdoor venues such as water ways, Bush areas. Private properties and Sacred places. We carry the Temple with us. We are Her Temple.

The First Year : Preparing the way

The Second Year : Becoming more

The Last 6 months : The Priestess or Priest emerges
- Honing your skills and gifts

Note: Topics and content may change but intent of each cycle will remain.

The Temple of Healing Wisdoms

Presenting the teachers and advisors of our Cycles

Theresa Dargin

Elder and Healer

Guudji Yiigu. I am a proud and strong Worimi woman born on country of the Worimi nation.

My bloodline comes from the Ancestors to Worimi and Yorta Yorta peoples.

I would like to pay my respects to my ancestors past, my elders present and future.

The next generation will become the strength of belonging to culture and connection to country.

I come from a sacred line of healers, both men and women healers. My connection to the country, our waters and our universe holds very sacred knowledge. Our bloodline of ancestors and elders is still very present to this time and place.

I hold knowledge of seeing and feeling portals which are spiritually formed by us as human beings, my goal is to provide spiritual protection of the spiritual self, physical self and to assist with the healing of the mental self. This consists of a spiritual cleansing (smoking) using the medicine tree the eucalyptus leaves provided by Mother Earth. These healing processes have been here for 1000’s of years within our traditional practices handed down by our spiritual ancestors and elders. As an 8th generation of bloodline First Nations traditional custodian of the land.

Theresa may be contacted at:

Judy Mort

Artemis Rising – Midwife Teacher and Practitioner of Shamanic Womancraft Priestess of Avalon

By way of introduction; I am Judy Diana- Midwife, mentor, shamanic way-shower and guide for people on their Soul Path in life.

I am honoured to live on Birpai Country.

I acknowledge the Birpai people as the traditional, current and enduring custodians and wisdom keepers of the land, waters, spirit, language and culture of the un-ceded Country, where I live. I pay respect to First Nation Elders and Leaders, past, present and future.

A Woman of Goddess and Keeper of the Priestess Path.

I have a professional background in health sciences, midwifery and women’s health. An experienced midwife I have spent over 23 years working with birthing women and families in Australia and England. I currently practice as a midwife in the public health system. I hold a passion for all aspects of child birth and an awareness of pregnancy and birth as a significant spiritual Rite of Passage for women, babies and their families.

A seeker and seer of the sacred; my life experiences, my fascination, education and training are grounded in Feminism, Goddess-centred, Earth-Based Spirituality and Midwifery. I am deeply connected to the ancient ways of women, and am passionate about sharing feminine wisdom with other soulful people.

I teach Women’s Mysteries; the wisdom inherent in the naturally occurring cycles and how to live effectively in alignment with these cycles for greater ease, flow and meaning. I am familiar with the inner and outer landscapes of the shamanic realms and facilitate journeys for others to access their inner wisdom, intuitive knowing and authentic nature. I am a graduate teacher for The School of Shamanic Womancraft, co-facilitating the Mid North Coast Four Season Journey and offering a range of Womancraft workshops.

As Priestess of Avalon, I create and hold the sacred space, the safe container for inner healing to take place. I lead ritual and ceremony to honour significant times of transition in our lives including rites of passage, seasonal Sabbats and phases of the lunar cycle.

I bring wisdom and experience of many years of spiritual, personal and professional education and enquiry, which I offer through Artemis Rising. I hold workshops, courses, gatherings and personalised one-to-one sessions, in my community and online.

Through these experiences people learn, remember, reclaim and reconnect with their most authentic, healed and sovereign selves.

I am delighted to join The Temple of Healing Wisdoms.

Judy may be contacted at:
Instagram: Judy Mort (@artemis_rising7)

Adriana Rios

(Herbal lore)

Buenas, mi nombre es Adriana Rios, de Mama Floresta.

Firstly I give my love and respect to First Nations people. Elders past, present and emerging, the traditional custodians of this land, the wisdom and lore keepers, spirit force and true leaders for our way forward in this Country, where sovereignty was never ceded. I extend this love and respect to all Indigenous people of the World.

A snippet into my roots, where my branches stem from and to.

I am a Costa Rican, Mestiza Woman grateful and honored to be living on Wonnarua Country, in the Hunter Valley. A long way from my family and ancestral roots, from my Mother Land, where my soul is deeply connected. Yet through Mother Earth, her soil and plants I have uncovered belonging and connection. The remembering of this sacred relationship has led me to feel closer to my birthplace and to where my feet touch the Earth. It has awakened a life force and ancient thread of healing, identity, culture and connection, a medicine that I am passionate about sharing, invoking and reclaiming with others.

I live on a 45-acre piece of Forest landscape and farm, that we have named ‘Pura Vida’, which means ‘Full of Life’ or ‘Pure Life’ in Spanish, with my husband, an Aboriginal man, from the Kabbi Kabbi Nation and our 6 children, who we have liberated from the traditional schooling system and enjoy wildly living, growing and learning side by side with, amongst nature and all that life has to offer.

Passionate about connection. From babies to elders, bringing people together, reconnecting people to nature, to their nature, to community, to culture, to life!

Thriving on building community, of honoring and supporting Mothers, birth and the feminine, activating our innate wisdom, knowledge and soul crafts…these threads, rites of passage, moments in time, are bonds, events and memories that our plant allies and natural elements can play a vital role in.

‘Mama Floresta’ is my way of honoring and sharing these gifts, knowledge, seasonal products, workshops, gatherings and respect for Mother Earth, the Divine Mother Line, Love and Wisdom, whilst building healthy, strong community…centered on growing the village, by growing the plants, growing the soil life, in a reciprocal manner giving and taking from the abundance that is created, already present and planted for the future.

I am guided by my healed Ancestors in my practice as a Shamanic Curandera (Medicine Woman), Bruja Verde (Green Witch), my sacred, cultural way of using energy and plants, ritual and ceremonies in connection with our cycles, Earth’s cycles and Spirit for healing and wellbeing.

I am a Creatrix, working with and for plants and their spirit, weaving natural fibers, wild clay and the seasonal gifts the Floresta (Forest) and Madre Tiera (Mother Earth) provide me.

It is a deep honor to be with you at The Temple of Healing Wisdoms

Adriana may be contacted at:

Lance Baker

Healer and Hypnotist

Lance is a natural leader and during his years of training has supported many students to go on and do great things, setting up their own businesses by utilising his training. He has held a lifelong interest in the power of the human brain and its healing potential over mind and body. His interests have led him to over a decade of in depth and diverse exploration and training. His training with other types of therapies has given him a unique voice in the hypnotherapeutic community.

Lance has trained in hypnosis, mesmerism, the swan protocol, reiki, access bars, holistic counselling and meditation.

Lance has delved deep into the world of energy healing, the human biomagnetic field and adopted that with energetic hypnosis and mesmerism to gain a unique perspective on the workings of energetic transference to facilitate deeper changes within hypnosis.

His own personal experiences with chronic pain led him towards a path that was different to how he ever imagined his journey to become.

With instruction to undertake brain surgery to alleviate symptoms associated with a large cyst, Lance instead, was left suffering chronic pain in the form of a migraine, and less faith in traditional medical options.

Close to ten years of trialing various medical and non-traditional healing techniques led to Lance taking back control of his own life and pain management, utilising energetic techniques to free himself from the chronic migraine that he was told could not be cured.

Lance believes strongly in helping people who are helping others change the world.

He has been a guest speaker for the Australian police force teaching with the trauma they face every day.

His enthusiasm for assisting others extends to working with those on the front-line of domestic violence prevention.

Lance has worked professionally with groups of over 100 people at once, as well as in one on one clinical situations.

His work has been with a diverse cultural clientele facing a wide range of challenges such as stress disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, childhood trauma, cult deprogramming, weight loss, nicotine and drug dependence, chronic pain management, motivation, performance and knowledge enhancement, chronic fatigue, confidence, relationship issues, phobias and many other assorted subconscious concerns.

Lance may be contacted at:

Bex Smith

Body Psychotherapist & Wellbeing Mentor

Known as your Cheerleader for Change, Bex Smith is a Speaker, Trainer, Body Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Women’s Wellbeing Mentor, Corporate Facilitator and People & Change Consultant. She is on a mission to help you navigate the change within yourself, while the world is changing around you. Inspired by the elements of nature, her unique methodology The Art of Yin, shows you how to balance this internal and external change while helping you to live the life you are here to live.

Inspired by the visionary thought leaders in Holistic Health and Wellbeing: Caroline Myss, Barbara Brennan and Lousie Hay, Bex Smith has a passion for holistic practices supporting the well-being of mind, body and soul. She brings the wisdom and experience of her spiritual journey together with her 20+ year corporate career to support and guide passionate people to concentrate on their well-being by connecting with their feminine side.

Through her workshops, courses, online community and personalized one-to-one sessions she has helped hundreds of passionate people to transition through change. Whether that be birth, death or anything in between. She has also facilitated women’s retreats for both corporate and community-based organisations along with rites of passage for teenage girls stepping into adulthood.

When not helping others, you will most likely find Bex snuggling with her rescue dogs, singing in the shower or out and about enjoying the wonders of nature. She is a big believer in having fun, being authentic, and most importantly loving life with a sisterhood of support behind her.

Bex may be contacted at:
Facebook & Instagram: @bexsmithcheerleaderforchange

Patricia McAloon

Co-Presiding Priestess @ The Temple of Healing Wisdoms

I am a Priestess, an activist, a feminist, a healer and an advocate for social justice.

I want to be part of the kind of change that brings equality for all; where the needs of our most vulnerable, marginalised and disadvantaged are recognised and provided for, with true dignity and respect.

I believe in Goddess, sisterhood, honesty and personal responsibility.

I believe in the power of love, respect, kindness, gratitude, magic and surrender.

To quote John Lennon, one of my favourite sources of inspiration, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.”

Trish may be contacted at:

Michele Zaronias

Co-Presiding Priestess @ The Temple of Healing Wisdoms

Michele is an Ordained Priestess of Goddess with a great deal of experience in beginning and managing an holistic healing centre.

Michele is often the force behind an idea, where she shines in manifesting creative ideas into form.

Michele has a wonderful heart for service and helping those in need.

With her many years of University Administration employment, Michele is very adept in all aspects of corporate management, along with special gifts of intuitive directives.

She is exemplary at holding space in ceremony and ritual and holds a deep love of Goddess within her heart, which truly shines for all to see.

Michele is passionate about travelling, respecting the lands of our indiginous people, elders and culture.

Michele may be contacted at:

Diana Craig

(Presiding Priestess @ Hearth of Hecate) – Psychic Development

Hi I’m Diana (Astarte), the founder and director of Hearth of Hecate, the Home of Goddess Hecate, where you can gain access to keys and tools to support you through the crossroad, transitions and changes in your life so you can be more of your authentic self. I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Wiccan Minister who is passionate about spiritualism and mysticism, I love helping people to tap into their true potential, to see the light in the dark and empowering them to shine their light so they live life like they own it.

Diana may be contacted at:

Craig Pullman

Sacred Creations

So for me, everything is about energy, it’s about how I sense energy and then how I interpret it.

I am 58 (2021) and only really discovered crystals, their properties and energy characteristics relatively recently and that would be from about 12 years ago.

Did something profound happen?

Sort of.

I had been doing gem shows for years but I was only selling fossils which still fascinate me. I watched as people’s hands hovered over crystals at other stalls guiding them to purchase or not to purchase…I wished I had that sense.

Long story short…I had always wanted to make things and be crafty and although I didn’t think I was getting the crystal vibe I decided to buy a few crystals and try making a wand using wood as a handle and drilling out the ends to attach a crystal point at one end and a sphere at the other end.

That whole process felt fantastic and that was the moment everything changed for me…

As I made more wands my intuition developed on matching different crystals for different effects…some wands were gentle and nurturing, some were bright and flashy, others were dark and powerful by adding crystal skulls etc. I also explored other materials such as bones and antlers as handles, also using bells, straps and different stains for variations of colour and sounds.

Now it was my stall that had all sorts of crystals as well as wands, staffs, twisted walking sticks, Athames, Ritual Daggers etc as I incorporated a wide variety of crystals into them all which I felt amplified all the elements that came together into each object in a balanced way…NOW I WAS feeling it!!!

It is true that I only have a connection to what I make until someone chooses that item for themselves…I have felt goosebumps from someone connecting with something I have made and that is a very special thing when that happens. I have seen people cry as they explain that the wand they chose fills a space inside them where only darkness and sadness dwells…

For me, it is a beautiful thing, a very moving thing to make something myself and then to see it bring pleasure, excitement, calmness, strength, self-worth, self-belief, even a future to these beautiful souls…

I hope that something like this will also happen for you when you make your sacred tools that will bring about a positive and lasting experience…

I wish you all well

Craig may be contacted at :

Jo Durand

Crystals and Chakras

Jo, known to many as Jo Avalon, has been creating and curating a divine space for learning and self-exploration for over 10 years.

She, through her travels and exhibition at events all over eastern Australia, has developed an extensive network of creators whose products she stocks at Avalon by Nature.

She is particularly passionate about books and card decks that are created in Australia and that draw on the unique energy expressed within this land.

While not a practitioner of any specific healing modality herself, she does work hard to create a sense of safety, and exhibits a calming and nurturing manner that many have found healing and comforting.

She also has a very recognisable laugh, a quirky sense of humour, and loves a really good giggle.

She has created an online private community space called Jo Avalon’s Cottage where people who are exploring their spiritual journey are invited to join and share their experiences in a nurturing and respectful environment.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn – @AvalonbyNature

Leanne Elphick

The Vintage Psychic (Divination)

Leanne has been guiding and supporting people for 15 years; reading Tarot to provide clarity in matters of career, everyday life, as well as relationship with self & others.

The focus of Leanne’s readings are to encourage people to assess where they have come from and where they wish to go, paying close attention to where they are right now. This is the energy that Leanne works with.

With a passion for empowering others; Leanne aims to use her gift to help her clients to achieve personal growth, insight and make decisions that allow for each individual’s unique experience.

Leanne may be contacted at:

Diasima (Jann) Ravenfeather

Presiding Priestess @ The Temple of Healing Wisdoms

I am an Ordained Priestess of the Divine Feminine Energy in the Universe. The Feminine side of the godhead. I also identify as a multi-faith Minister.

I serve Goddess in three of Her aspects, which are Kaali, Hekate and now Beloved Bridgit with Her healing love.

I have been called to bring attention and change to the injustices that women face in their lives, in their many forms! Mostly I am passionate about helping to heal women from trauma (of all types, but especially sexual) caused in childhood and/or in adulthood, so that they, we, become whole, become who we are meant to be in this world.

I am also an Activist, Feminist, Spiritual Warrior, Death Doula, Artist and Creator.

I wear many hats under the banner of healing and now I have been called to use the gifts I have been given for the good of all. This includes gathering teachers and leaders in our community to pass on their knowledge to you, so you may now follow the path that has been calling you, waiting for this time.

I will be instrumental in aiding you to gain trust, faith and surrender as you develop a relationship with our Great Mother.

It is time now, to step up and help to heal ALL LIFE and MOTHER EARTH with the love and support of Goddess.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

“Courage – you develop courage by doing small things just as if you wouldn’t want to pick up a 100-pound weight without preparing yourself” Maya Angelou

Diasima (Jann) may be contacted at:

Sara Motta


Sara C. Motta, is a Bruja-Mestiza of Colombian-Muisca, Eastern European Jewish and Celtic Lineages.

She is a mother, Curandera (medicine woman), poet, popular educator, bare-breasted philosopher, and Priestess of the Divine Feminine lineages.

She has many writings to support the healing of the wounds caused by the current system and supports all to find their wildness and joy.

She offers one-to-one and community-group ceremonial and transformative workshops, short course journeys and is available for seminar-guest speaker/performer events.

Sara is also an Associate Professor at Newcastle University.

Sara may be contacted at:


The Temple of Healing Wisdoms wishes all that desire this path to be able to journey to their full potential.

Therefore we will be offering ONE PLACE as a full scholarship for the 2.5 years in exchange for assistance in setting up venues and practical help when needed.

Total Cost



Cost if paid in full at the beginning of each year:- $1,400

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

Balance of fees after a $500 non-refundable deposit may be made in weekly payments of

$25 for the remainder of that year’s cycles and teachings.

Environmental Activists

The following is a list of some activist groups that are supported in our work, either as individuals, or as a group. We will be calling on these groups and others to provide speakers who will give us up to date issues affecting our environment, paying particular attention to our waterways. From some of these groups we will learn how to live sustainably in our world and leave the smallest footprint we can. Students may wish to join these or other similar groups in our local area and become an Activist/Warrior themselves.   We will always bring hard working environmental  groups into our prayers and offer other support where we are able.

STUDENTS MAY APPLY FOR RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for some of these cycles and teachings.


Please apply in writing with return contact details at:

Please supply documents and discuss with the Temple admin – Blessed be!