Greetings everyone

I am now a Crone of 65 years and all of that time, it has led me to this path. Along the way I have experienced many traumas, including sexual abuse as a child, rape, mental traumas and mental illness.

I am here to tell you that there is a Divine light at the end of that tunnel and all of my experiences have allowed my wounds to now be used as triumphs, and some of the best teaching I have ever had, have been my hardest lessons.

During my years I have immersed myself in many different healing modalities and religions.

This experiential research has led me into the arms of our most Gracious Mother, Goddess. The Divine Feminine energy.

I have had many teachers and I honour all, for their part.

With Her Divine help and the help of many beautiful people, women, sisters, and Priestesses, along the way, I have been able to accomplish many things.

My spiritual life journey is to serve Goddess, using my gifts and by bringing together a conscious collective of beautiful souls who have agreed to raise the vibration of earth, teaching many forms of healing and sharing their personal gifts, for the good of all.

Here is a list of some of my most rewarding offerings and achievements:

Please don’t give up. Hear Her call. You may not feel worthy, but you are. Remember, She sees your heart. She calls the humble to shine their light, not to play small.


Hillel the Elder